Hydrogenated Coconut Exporter

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Hydrogenated Coconut Exporter .  The largest coconut producer in the world is Indonesia. The largest Indonesian country in Southeast Asia can build 18.3 million tons of coconuts each year, and the number is increasing year by year.

Although the amount of coconut produced in many areas in Indonesia is very large, not all of them are used to make or be processed into processed coconut products or coconut oil. This is because the absorption of roomy coconut by households and further consumer sectors such as the food industry is nevertheless quite large.

The production of coconut products is partly exported to every countries in the world and partly processed domestically into processed coconut products and coconut oil. In complement to making coconut cooking oil, coconut oil can be used as industrial raw material for the fabricate of cosmetics, detergents, plastics, paints. , toothpaste, soap and others.



COCONUTOIL-VCO.COM  is a private company specializing in the processing of coconut products or coconut oil. Our dedicated production partners and tone govern team have worked difficult and at their best to talk to the highest feel products that our clients/customers expect.

In order to become the largest export trading company for the coconut and coconut oil industry in the world, our motto is “TOP 1 SUPPLIER & EXPORTER of COCONUT PROUCTS from INDONESIA”
We enactment in the manner of not quite dozens of assistant factories, thousands of house industries for coconut products throughout Indonesia. Hundreds of employees and more than 2200 farmers throughout Indonesia, and the best technology for our coconut products industry. In the end, the best priority we have the funds for is to meet the satisfaction and expectations of our customers/clients.


PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Hydrogenated Coconut Oil (RBD HCNO) or Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Unrefined :

Hydrogenated Coconut Exporter
Hydrogenated Coconut Exporter

Hydrogenated coconut oil (RBD HCNO)

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Hydrogenated coconut oil (RBD HCNO) Or HCNO Coconut Oil :

  • ODOR : Odorless. free from rancid odour.

  • TASTE : Brand neutral taste. free from rancid or sour taste.

  • Appearance: Fullv liquid at above 26°C.

  • Melting point °C: 24 – 26.

  • Specific gravity (40°C/20°C): 0.908 – 0.921.

  • Colour (5 1/4 inch cell) Red: 1.5 maximum.


  • BIB Packaging.



Our Company Serves Wholesale Orders (EXPORTER) of Hydrogenated coconut oil RBD HCNO Hydrogen Coconut Oil  


BENEFITS and FUNCTIONS of Hydrogenated Coconut Oil (RBD HCNO) or RBD HCNO Coconut Oil :

moreover beast entirely important for the produce of creamer, HCNO (Hydrogen Coconut Oil) afterward plays an important role in the food industry such as coffee and chocolate.


HYDROGENATED COCONUT OIL (HCNO) / Hydrogenated Coconut Oil (RBD HCNO) / RBD HCNO Coconut Oil :

HCNO (Hydrogen Coconut Oil) HCNO is coconut cooking oil that has subsequently through a hydrogenation process. HCNO is next a white hermetic fat and melts taking into account heated. HCNO can be used as a raw material in the food industry.

Produced by hydrogenation of refined, bleached and deodorized coconut oil, HCNO is a white unassailable fat that becomes a determined liquid with heated, used as a key raw material in the food and beverage industry. The use of HCNO is enormously important for the beverage and food industry, because HCNO can be used as a delectable enhancer in creamer, HCNO is also widely used for beverages such as coffee and chocolate.



There are several types of superior coconut products that we have are as follows:



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